About H+S

We have one goal: to help you partner with the best creative talent so you can create + produce amazing work. We don’t work to sell you something, we work to help you find the right person or team to complete your project. In service of that, we work as facilitators and organizers—a unique, complete resource to partner you with the most amazing, personally vetted and qualified artists, partners and resources from our roster and beyond. Our goal: make your work great and the process a pleasure.

Our Story

Our creative and connective power come from two places: From our heart—the Midwest, where every project is approached with incredible work ethic. And from our soul—the South, where emotion and passion are a part of every equation. Heart + Soul is the hustle that puts it all together, a hub of activity between the coasts and a catalyst and creative problem solver dedicated to finding you the right creative solution.


Heart + Soul is led by Founder + Executive Producer, Lindsey Fischbach, an experienced agency producer with roots in the South and boots on the ground in the Midwest. Lindsey has worked in every corner of the industry, from production to agency, post-production to corporate producing for photography, broadcast, digital, video and radio, and at all scales, from $1,000,000 shoots with all-union casts to $10k productions starring the creative director’s mom. That amounts to perspective, people: 15 years of hard-won ability to understand exactly what it takes to get any project done right.

Creative Might

Our roster is our A-team—we know their work, their personalities, their ethic, and their technical skill like no other resource. But we also know that finding the right team is more important than getting the team on-hand, so if your project requires triple bids, or simply doesn’t fit within the skills of our collection of creatives, we’re also experts in choosing other highly vetted options that fit the bill. Regardless, we help from project start to finish, connecting you with the most qualified commercial artists, creative partners + resources in the South and Midwest.

What We Do

Pull together as many commercial artists + creative partners as needed for your job. Whether you are looking for the right production company to direct your TV spot; partners to concept, produce, edit and traffic your work, or other professional services like VO or translation, we can help.

Provide the production strategy that it will take to get your job done the right way. We know how, because we’ve lived it for 15-plus years—working in the world of stills, motion, post, TV, digital, print and video. As such, we understand completely how to break your budget into the appropriate buckets and know whom to pull in for what based on creative need, budget, timeline and client.

Pull together all aspects of the bid package including comprehensive triple bid and creative treatment, no matter whether you’re an agency producer or a brand working solo. Once the job is awarded, if needed, we can partner you with the right person to produce your job through final production.

Advise on and execute pre-production and production contracts, talent paperwork and licensing.

Create and manage overall production schedules and project timelines.