Welcome to Heart + Soul

Heart + Soul is a creative talent resource with a focus on creating + producing broadcast, video, digital, print and design. Founded by a former agency producer, our superpower is mining and managing commercial artists, creative partners & resources from the buckle-down-and-get-it-done Midwest (our heart) and the passionate, driven South (our soul). We’re not reps or salespeople—think of us as a connector-in-chief with a producer’s perspective and a unique focus on not just partnering agencies, brands and businesses with great talent, but putting together just-right creative teams to ensure the best work during every step of your project.

Let’s make something great together.



Commercial artists based in the Midwest + South. A curated collection of trusted photographers, directors, composers, editors, animators and motion designers with indisputable talent, skill and passion, who are right for telling your story and who, frankly, give a damn about working with you and your clients.


Creative partners based in the Midwest + South. An extension of your current department or company in possession of a specific skill (or just more of the skill you already have on hand). Think full-on creative teams, new business + brand development, producers + project managers, web designers + developers, talent + music business affairs and more, partnered with your team and rockin’ your projects.


Creative resources based in the Midwest + South. Accomplished, experienced studios and services hand-selected and vetted by our team. Sound design, voiceover/on-camera talent casting, music/celebrity talent negotiations, spot distribution, translation services…all the verifiably professional help you need to get your project done.